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BeCognito are experts when it comes to finding the right answers from your website data. Our team is certified in major web analytics tools out there in the market including the most widely used Google analytics. We help our clients juggle marketing campaigns and executions by using innovative, best-practice analytic techniques to track marketing success and optimize ROI across all online platforms.


To determine the real value of your marketing dollars, it’s important to consider a variety of factors when conducting cross-channel analytics. For example, which elements of the marketing mix are consumers embracing—and which are contributing to their conversion? At BeCognito, we utilize the latest analytic tools to evaluate current marketing channels, predict buying patterns, and develop ongoing strategies to maximize engagement and increase sales. In addition to providing clients with comprehensive analytic reports, we extract actionable insights in order to make proactive recommendations for future marketing initiatives and help your business grow.


Our Web Analytics Services

Account fundamentals and implementation

Custom Analytics

From demographics tracking to enhanced eCommerce tracking and link attribution, there’s a wealth of features that BeCognito can setup to improve data accessibility that isn’t the standard out-of-the-box solution.

Data Filtering

Segmenting the data can often provide previously hidden insights. We can provide strategic guidance on implementation to make sure you’re maximising the way in which your data informs your digital strategy.

Analytics Audit

Is your analytics set up for optimal data collection and insights? Our team of experts evaluates and validates the status of your account and suggests changes to help you make the most of your reports.

Goals & KPI

Track the most important actions on your site with goal tracking and follow the user’s journey to understand how you can make it easier for them to navigate and complete the actions you need them to undertake.

The BeCognito Advantage

Finding treasure in your data like no one else can

Certified Analytics Experts

At BeCognito, our team is certified with multiple tools and platforms including Google Analytics and HubSpot.

Ad-hoc Analytics Consultancy

Through our scientific approach and in-house knowledge, we deliver analytical solutions to any problems that you might be facing on Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics or any other tool.

Custom Tracking Solutions

Whether your cross-domain tracking needs implementing or fixing, your eCommerce carts need optimizing or you have any bespoke campaign tracking requirements, we can help.

Reporting & Benchmarking

We can help to align your reporting with your business objectives to make sure that you have a clear picture of where your benchmarks are and consequently what success looks like.

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